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Big Brain Languages is a flexible way of improving your German. We turn wherever you are into an online classroom to boost your ability to speak German like a native.

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Improve your ultimate goals

Improve your German to achieve your ultimate goals


Travel without restrictions

Break the barrier with locals and enjoy the German way of living when travelling to German speaking countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Expand your horizons

Use your German language skills to navigate deeper into the world of science, art, music and philosophy.

Enhance your career opportunities

Now more than ever, companies value people with language skills and speaking German opens the doors to the international business market.

Class themes

Partner with your teacher to create personalised lesson plans to achieve your German language goals.

Communicate without barriers

Bring your personality and opinions to any conversation.

Get down to business

Increase your confidence and ability to work in German.

Be exam ready

Aim for success and get the qualification you need.

Bespoke learning

Master the pillars of the German language: Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening.

Native German teachers ready to unlock your potential

Our teachers are what make Big Brain Languages so unique. We pride ourselves in selecting the right teachers for you, who share the same passion and joy for languages.

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1 class

Cost of 1 hour is £36

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5 classes

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10 classes

Cost of 1 hour is £30

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25 Classes

25 classes

Cost of 1 hour is £28

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Prices are the same for all languages

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Each class lasts 30 minutes, but you can book as many as you like in a row (we recommend booking between 2-4 classes a week)

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You are able to pay via PayPal, Debit/Credit Card or Bank Transfer