A flexible way of upskilling employees with professional language training

Big Brain Languages partner with businesses to help develop the skills and experiences of employees via private or group classes with native speaking teachers.

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Get connected with a programme specialist to provide you with the training solution most suitable to your company’s needs. Tell us about what you are looking for and we will be in touch shortly.

    What languages are you interested in?

    How does a class work?

    Our training programme focuses on developing the core pillars of a language with a business backdrop. Each class is designed to bring employees one step closer to fluency.

    Flexible classes


    Online classes that work around the schedule of your employees, not the other way around.

    Targeted classes


    See greater results with a training plan customised to the needs of each employee.

    Professional classes


    Our teachers are qualified and highly motivated to see your employee succeed in languages.

    Online business language training with a personal touch

    Our training programme accommodates multiple languages with lesson plans targeted to the needs of your employees.

    Save your time

    Save time

    Allow us to take care of the logistics behind setting up training courses and matching your employees with the right teacher for them.

    Easy to manage

    Easy to manage

    Stay updated and connected to your employees learning with regular training updates and progress reports.

    Personal support

    Personal support

    We bring a personal touch to our customer service with a dedicated support team to answer any queries you may have.

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    Do you have business language classes?

    Yes we do! We offer business language training designed to help employees improve their language skills for the workplace.

    What does a class look like?

    Each class lasts for 30 minutes, in a 121 format with a lesson plan created around the needs of your employee. We recommend 1 hour lessons at least twice a week.

    Do you offer group classes?

    Yes we do! Please get in touch with us and a programme specialist will be able to help find the right training solution for your company.

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